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Get the most from your PR and marketing budget by targeting and measuring the media that your audience reads!

Plan your PR campaigns with precision and then measure your results by the impact it's had on your target audience

What we offer

David Smith

Influencer Relations Manager, SAS

"It’s been the perpetual challenge of PR to understand what your target audience reads. Yaudience gives you that evidential information. We’re unaware of any company that has done this before. It’s breaking new ground and answering questions that have never before been answered."

Stephen Yeo

Marketing Director UK & Ireland, SAS

"With Yaudience, for the first time, we get a deep insight into our target audience. This allows us to align our marketing machine to our target markets to create maximum impact."

Craig Hodges

Managing Director, Informing Decisions

"My clients invest considerable sums in PR. With Yaudience they can give their agencies exact target publications on which they should focus and then measure the results of their activities in audience reach rather than just share of voice."

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