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Audience Intelligence platform

Yaudience’s intelligence platform allows our clients to acquire valuable insights into the characteristics and habits of the people who are most likely to buy their products or services.

Yaudience’s intelligence platform utilises our customers own information to reveal:

The media they read

The general and trade news sources that your potential customers read, allowing you to direct and optimise your PR and advertising campaigns. This improves resource allocation and results in better customer acquisition outcomes whilst reducing poorly targeted activity.

Their interests

It’s crucial to understand what the majority of your sales targets are into. What sports do they like? Do they spend more time listening to music or playing video games? Knowing this type of information enables our customers to make informed and targeted decisions on marketing activities such as sponsorship, hospitality, event organisation/attendance.

The topics that grab their attention

In any group of sales targets there will be a range of topics in their professional lives that they are interested in. Yaudience’s analysis reveals the topics they are most interested in. Our customers have found this crucial when creating messaging as well as identifying discussion topics at conferences, webinars, etc.

Who they follow

These are the sources of influence that your audience follows, trusts, and shares. They are the organisations and people that can help to amplify your messages to your audience. Our customers have used this information to decide on speakers/guests to invite to their event, as well as engaging with them to promote their products and services.

Knowing this information removes the guesswork from your social and general media campaigns as well as helping to make informed decisions about sponsorship and event management.

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