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What we do?

Yaudience provides audience insight on a large number of B2B buying communities. It identifies accurately the key watering holes for these communities, what they read, who they follow, the things they like, the sports they follow, etc.

Our products are built by analysing data from millions of social and web profiles. Using a combination of big data, AI and the skill of expert data analysts, our blended approach ensures the most effective and qualified data is applied to our products and services.

Our services are split into four main groups. Our very popular AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT system which allows companies to measure the impact that their press coverage has had on their target audiences, and compare their performance with their rivals. 

Our essential MEDIA PLANNING reports are concise guides to the most important media for hundreds of buying groups across multiple countries. If you want to know the media that, for example, French CIOs read then this is the product for you.


YAUDIENCE BUYER PERSONAS are data driven personas allowing companies to fully understand their potential customers.

Our customized AUDIENCE CONSULTANCY where we carry out bespoke  audience analysis according to our client's specification, usually analysing their customer and prospect database.

Find out exactly what your own customers read, follow and like and build your sales and marketing strategy accordingly.

What can we do for you?

Many businesses make decisions about their marketing budget spend based on guess work. They make guesses about the publications that their prospects read, the events that they attend, the influencers they pay attention to, whether they like music, food or gardening, the sports they are most likely to follow, etc.

Yaudience takes the guess work out of all these assumptions and helps marketers and business owners across the globe make data driven decisions about their marketing strategies.

By using Yaudience, marketers are able to drive business growth by better defining their marketing strategy and effectively managing their marketing budgets to deliver the greatest ROI.

Our data has helped businesses identify how to better spend their marketing budgets from sponsorship, to advertising, content and social media.

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