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  • Richard Laven

Optimising audience reach through accurate media planning.

Why isn’t media planning used more by PR professionals? The simple answer, I think, is that the data hasn’t really existed to be able to curate media lists that maximise potential audience reach.

But we’re trying to change that. I’ve helped numerous companies in the last 12 months to accurately identify the media that delivers their largest target audience.

For example, in January I built an optimised media target list for a technology vendor designed to reach as many US based Data Analysts, Database Administrators and CIOs as possible. The list contained 135 media outlets which my client used to target, monitor and measure.

By targeting these media outlets, my client almost doubled their potential reach across the three job roles in just six months.

Interestingly, this focussed approach has actually reduced their overall volume of coverage - a case of less is more!

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