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Top 10 Twitter Accounts for UK Supply Chain Professionals

Updated: Feb 21

This is the first in a series of posts where I'll look at the top 10 Twitter accounts that professionals in different countries follow, because they are relevant to their jobs.

This one looks at the accounts that are followed the most by UK Supply Chain/Logistics Professionals. As a group, the top Twitter account for them is the BBC News feed with 45 percent following it. But the BBC News account is commonly accessed by lots of different people on Twitter and is not unique to UK Supply Chain/Logistics Professionals, whereas the ten accounts listed here are.

Supply Chain/Logistics professionals are very interested in their trade media, with seven of the ten being trade news and information sources. There is one trade body, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and two industry experts. The first, Jeff Ashcroft, is AVP Sales for DLT Labs, a blockchain technology platform specialising in supply chain. The second, Matijn Graat, is the host of the ‘Does Logistics Matter’ podcast.

If you are marketing to Supply Chain/Logistics professionals, it's very important to understand what they pay attention to. The interesting take-away here is that trade media is still critically important as a channel to reach this group. One piece of coverage in each of the seven media titles listed here would, potentially, get you in front of 35 percent of all UK based Supply Chain/Logistics professionals.

N.B. The criteria for selection is that the account must be followed by at be at least ten percent of the sample of UK based Supply Chain/Logistics Professionals (sample size: 1786), and that the account is at least ten times more likely to be followed by this sample than the average Twitter user in the UK.

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