Account Managers UK - Persona 2021

A data based Persona for UK based Account Managers (2021)

If your job is to understand what makes a UK Account Manager tick, then this data based Yaudience Persona is an essential tool in your marketing armoury.

The data is drawn from 2041 Account Managers based in the UK and will give you crucial insights into the type of person a British Account Manager is. Their gender, their political persuasion, their taste in music, the sports they like to follow (do they follow Golf more than Rugby?), their interests (do they prefer Music to Food ?), the top media they read for their general news, the media they read for industry news and the media they read for pleasure.

In addition we you guide through industry specific organisations, events, people, etc. that are of particular interest to UK Account Managers.

If your customers are UK based Account Managers then this persona will dramatically increase your understanding of them and how to engage with them to increase sales.