French Javascript Developers Media Planning Guide 2021

Targeting French Javascript Developers

If your job is to get your company or client's messages in front of as many French Javascript Developers as possible then this guide is essential for you.

It highlights the top 150 media outlets that together reach over 73 percent of Javascript Developers based in France. It will also highlight the cross-over in readership between the top 30 sources. For example, do you know what percentage of JavaScript Daily's audience of Javascript Developers are also reached by Le Monde?*

Technology companies and their marketing agencies use our media planning guides to ensure that their advertising and PR messages are targeted at those media that will deliver them the biggest relevant audience, saving them both time and money.

News feeds in this report include: Agence France-Presse, Codrops, Dev, Frenchweb, Human Coders News, JavaScript Daily, JavaScriptKicks, Journal du Net, Le Monde, L'Obs, Mediapart, Numerama, Presse Citron, Smashing Magazine, TechCrunch.

* The answer is 18 percent.